Behind the Name

I have been blessed with three incredible and influential men in my life whom I call “father”.  My late father, Jim McMahon, Sr., my stepfather, Peter Baylacq, and my father-in-law, Tom Keith.

Starting a winery was a dream of my father’s and one he never had a chance to fulfill. I am so proud to be living that dream and wish every day that he was here to share it with me.

My stepfather, Peter, is a kind and generous man, a great golfer, and a wonderful addition to our family. I’m forever grateful for his support.

My father in law, Tom, and I realized quickly that we share a passion for wine and winemaking. This partnership was born in his wine cellar over a glass of his “homemade” Merlot.

In pursuing this winemaking dream, I wanted to honor these men somehow in the name. Athair, the Irish Gaelic word for Father seemed like the perfect way to do just that. For without the love, support, and camaraderie of these three men, Athair would not be.

Please enjoy a glass of Athair and raise it in a toast to the fathers in your life.